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Managing machine loads, planning and getting reliable delivery dates

This module allows for the finite capacity planning of all production phases of all orders, calculated according to the manufacturing capacity of your assets. It is dynamic and automatically updates itself via the data received from your production assets and operators.

An overview of production floors and order delivery times is provided by the Gantt forecast chart: the time axis shifts according to delays and production stoppages, aligning every minute to the actual shop floor situation.


Schedule production to meet delivery deadlines

A planning software solution leads to numerous production advantages:

  • clear and complete visualisation of the load of individual company assets

  • accurate and reliable calculation of work phase or job end dates and reporting of delays

  • automatic updating of dates based on collected monitoring data

  • fast production re-planning with a drag-and-drop interface

  • simulation of different planning scenarios

  • management of all company assets: machines, workbenches, operators as well as external resources, e.g. processors or contractors

  • full integration with Monitoring and Proconsolle modules

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Explore the potential of the Metronomo.Net Suite

Explore the potential of the Metronomo.Net Suite


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Via Campo Romano 13
24050 - Spirano (BG)
Tel. 035-320144

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