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OXY BIOMEC relies on Metronomo.Net software by MECMATICA

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OXY BIOMEC relies on Metronomo.Net software by MECMATICA

23 November 2023

Biomec is an Italian company that has been manufacturing implantable medical devices for the field of dentistry for more than 30 years. Founded as a company specializing in contracting, over the years it has developed and introduced its own brand, Oxy Implant.

Mecmatica supported Oxy Biomec in the post-delivery phase through shared days for analysis and evaluation of new implementations.

In addition, Mecmatica provided a contact person who followed the client company on an ongoing basis from the beginning of the collaboration. This allowed the account manager to gradually get to know Oxy Biomec's business reality, understand and interpret the needs, and propose ad hoc solutions.

<<From MECMATICA we receive services covering the planning and scheduling of production activities at every level: traceability and quality management, as well as order entry and order fulfillment>>.

<<The complete package of solutions offered by their software Metronomo.Net allows us to monitor all production resources in real time: at all times we know what is happening in the company, including whether and what problems we are experiencing. This comprehensive tracking of potential nonconformities allows us to immediately identify the problem and develop effective solutions quickly>>


- Cover the planning and scheduling of production activities at every level

- Monitor all production resources in real time

- Identify problems and develop effective solutions quickly

- Development of an Order Ent platform


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Via Campo Romano 13
24050 - Spirano (BG)
Tel. 035-320144

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